You can call me jasmin or  jaz💋


Slim Yoga Bunny (health conscious / non smoker )

23yo - 162,56cm - Size 0/2/4

Natural soft hair

Usual look is cool, modest, and feminine

Always well-groomed (impeccable hygiene, waxed, trimmed, and manicured); 

A fresh-faced Bambi (no tattoos, no unusual piercings, au naturel)

Vibe: cosy, full of warmth, soft lighting, thoughtful conversation, sincerity, and smiles.




Based in Berlin, available in London, Hamburg, Zürich, Copenhagen, et al.



Third culture child, an international daydreamer en route postgraduate studies. My family and close friends are all over the world and I'm so grateful to leisurely travel as much I do. A flâneur here or there, in between, at liminal spaces and often crossing borders. 

...Deliberately slow and focused...arousal....appreciation for subtleties...

I advertise my service as an escort and operate more like a companion. You will meet a doe-eyed submissive who who spent her whole day indulging in history, literature, and philosophy. My day to day pacing is deliberately slow and focused, and rarely frantic. Arousal comes from all the little details and appreciation for  subtleties; opting for nuance over novelty.


In the centre of Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights there's a seductive figure with a peacock on her head holding a cherry.  A somewhat anonymous girl with a lust for life. Its difficult talking about myself without metaphor versus a more clear description (Ha- one of the consequences of a liberal arts education ) so without further ado: 


you are looking for unique experiences. 


I am more than eager to meet you.