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+ Where is home?
“ ‘Hiraeth’, is a Welsh term. In short, it is an overwhelming feeling of grief and longing for one’s people and land of the past” A cynical reader might consider this a poor attempt at maybe exoticizing and over intellualising one’s birthplace, ethnicity, or cultural upbringing. In attempts to be more clear: wherever there are grey skies and seasides.

+ Could you do something for my imagination (I need more photos)?
Naturally toned slender figure in soft, rich golden brown skin. Lovely long legs. My curious eyes are bright and exotic in shape. I love délicate touches and the feelings of being desired (devoured). A gallery is available for prospective suitors.

+ Musings?
... is a blog on surrealism and traveling.

+ Why is your website offline or locked?
Sometimes being 'online' is too loud. I have a budding career and few other academic interests that I need to tend to.

+ For gallery, photo, and general blog updates?
+ How do you feel about reviews?
Naturally you will learn more about me through offline conversations versus someone else's recollection. You can read some of those here.

+ Are you really 24?
A carnal flower in bloom; péché mignon 💋