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+ Where is home?
At least twice a year I'm in N.America or Africa. I love grey weather and being not too far the sea so Northern Europe now feels like home. I speak a few languages fluently, and working on my 4th. All of my travels are more so out of curiosity and education than cosmopolitanism.

+ Could you do something for my imagination?
If you enjoy the bohemian edge of Zoe Kravitz and the exotic sex appeal of Adaora Akubilo, I'm your girl.

+ Musings?
... is a blog on surrealism and traveling. I can send a link and password when you Buy me a coffeeBuy me a few coffees

+ Why is your website offline or locked?
Sometimes being 'online' is too loud. I have a budding career and few other academic interests that I need to tend to.

+ How do you feel about reviews?
Naturally you will learn more about me through offline conversations versus someone else's recollection. You can read some of those here.

+ Are you really 24?
A carnal flower in bloom; péché mignon 💋