Discretion is divine - Wo ist dein Gesicht? - 3 min read

A faceless stranger, Eros (Latin translation for Cupid) seduced Psyche (Greek translation for soul) at night. He organised their romantic affairs in complete darkness. When her insecurities got the best of her, she sheds light upon him and he runs off (don’t worry there’s a happy ending). Intimate experiences seem to validate that Eros flourishes with a combination of trust, privacy, and discretion.

‘Jasmin’ primarily exists as a symbol that cultivates Eros. Using a stage name, hidden VPNs, encrypted messengers and emails, etc. is “security” as performance art. ‘Jasmine’ – Aje Noir keeps you in relative darkness. To know the name I have given myself is to know the name given to me by my father. Anyone from childhood, a few of my university peers, a couple of current colleagues… all would be easily able to recognise who ‘Jasmin’ is. When I present my self to a new lover, I like to imagine the reveal as a gift. It's the wonderful gaze of excitement and lust (and naturally relief) that I find addictive. Within our sexual interactions or even more casual, a little objectification can be a good thing ;)

While Big Data and my general safety are concerns I’m always on top of, I’m more concerned about the quality of the relations with any of the wonderful I have yet to meet.

2 People. 2 Hours, 2 Days, or 2 Years?

Who knows?

…and so begins the day.



A fuzzy photo of 'Muse and Artist' dressed in all black at the Bodes Museum. Taking photos in museums is a shameful act, but it wasn't of any of the artwork. I like to imagine they were only in Berlin for two days.


As of recently, January 2019

- I use ProtonMail, Threema and Telegram for a majority of my communications. Unfortunately, ProtonMail does have issues with relaying messages. If you have not heard back from me within 12 hours, do not hesitate to send another message.

- I am making a few big changes in my life and will leave my gallery private till I'm finished with Jasmin 'Intl Ebony Escort & Travel Companion'. Concise, warm introductions can be directed to inquiry@aje-noir.com.

- There will be a slight rate increase in the second quarter due to some professional interests. As another side of my life blossoms, I will have to slowly make my way offline. Rates are, of course, grandfathered.