Valentines Day - Musings & Specials


on Ordinary Desire

My favourite German sentences and phrases include the word ,”Lust”.  Ex. Wanderlust or Lustgarden on Museum Island or a stranger asking, “Hast du Lust ein Treffen ?”. It brings a bit of consideration of sheer pleasure into our ordinary days. In my everyday relations with my thoughts, friends or lovers I use mutual pleasure as the single criterion. In this realm our interactions are not ruled by societal expectations or obligations.

It seems the act of desire, has its own required skillset, virtue and order. Naturally this is more pronounced as a international escort or travel escort, but I do recognise this in older vanilla lovers as well. A few skills that immediately come to mind include accepting some level of ephemerality, trusting intuition and developing one’s imagination. You do not pursue and acquire, it’s something you cultivate over time.


Here are a few travel escort or travel companion dates that provide the perfect antidote to these cold chills.

Close to Home - 2 Overnights 3500EUR

Villa Contessa

Germany's smallest first class hotel .A few km outside Berlin. The photos for this place are too cute !

Weißenhaus Grand Haus -

A beautiful resort and spa on the Baltic Sea. It’s set on 75 acres so perfect for long walks, contemplation, and renewal.

Not Too Far – 2 Overnights 4000EUR

Mariánské Lázně

The name of my favourite candle and a historically rich spa town in Czech Republic.  Tales of bohemians, celebrities, and variety of literature make this place sound magical to me.

7132 Therma

Swiss Minimalist spa with thermal baths


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