Terms & Conditions



Trustworthy - No third party affiliations, a promise to your confidentiality and my privacy. If you do need extra reassurance I'm happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Respectful - I'm kind, and hope all initial and thereafter encounters are dealt with common courtesy. All inquiries that try to haggle my patronage will do you no favours. 

Awareness - Easily one of the most self-secure person(s) you will ever meet, consequently I'm very considerate of those around me and always hope for the best.



  1. It is best to create a booking at least 24 hours in advance. Same day bookings are possible with an added fee (depends on where you are located).

  2. If our initial communications are not steamlined and easy then a 20%-50% deposit may be required.

  3. Within the first 15 minutes of our date please provide patronage in an envelope, magazine, or folded sheet of paper (this should be on your own initiative).

  4. I do enjoy the rituals of feminine grooming and getting dolled up for someone. Fortunately for you I will not request a specific outfit however I do appreciate minty fresh breath and great hygiene.

  5. Last minute cancellations and tardiness should be avoided. When you are forced to cancel please provide me with a 24 hour notice. My cancellation fee is 20% of the original booking fee, 50% if dealt with unreasonable notice.

  6. I do not welcome reviews in general even more so if a booking does not include a proper date (cocktail bars, museums, lunch, or dinner etc.).

  7. Whenever you are experiencing a genuine heartfelt urge, write a tasteful, vague impression. I usually ask for reviews from those I'm quite fond of to confirm I'm indeed a real human being.


The Fine Print

Consideration is for time and companionship only; whatever happens during the time we spend together is a private agreement between consenting adults.