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Berlin MC 08/17

Mir war allerdings schon vor ein paar Wochen hier im Forum Jasmin (aje noir) aufgefallen und ich habe sie dann über ihre Homepage kontaktiert und ein Date vereinbart.
Da ich doch erst spät angereist bin, hat sich das dann auf 2h reduziert, was aber für mich für ein erstes Date ausreichend ist. 

Wir trafen uns in der Hotellobby (oder besser gesagt mit Blickkontakt in gegenläufigen Aufzügen zuerst) und wir waren uns direkt sehr sympathisch. Jasmin ist eine sehr höfliche, neugierige Frau, die zwar noch jung an Jahren ist (22), aber dennoch eine große Souveränität an den Tag legt und selbstsicher auftritt. ...Ihre strahlenden Augen und ihre strahlendes Lachen haben mich sehr schnell gefangen genommen.

Wir hatten ein sehr angeregtes Gespräch über Geschichte, Reisen und Berufe und die Zeit verging wie im Fluge bereits dabei :-)
Sie verschwand dann kurz unter die Dusche und kam in schwarzen Dessous dort wieder hervor. Alles weitere hier hülle ich in schweigen, aber mir hat es sehr gefallen, da es ohne Scheu, intensiv und mit beidseitigem Vergnügen (so bilde ich mir das zumindest ein *g*) geschah.

Die Verabschiedung war dann leider schon bald, aber das war nicht unser letztes Treffen, Jasmin! und nächstes Mal nehmen wir uns mehr Zeit füreinander.



...I was completely dumbstruck by this woman who was just talking about politics now standing in front of me like a tempting sex kitten. [full details on TER] Her website states that she is "a carnal flower in bloom" — and this was my feeling; the moment we began to become intimate, she opened up in a completely different manner[full details on TER] My time with her seemed to be wrapped up in the paradox of easy going and smart conversation met with a blinding, lustful desire. No doubts in my mind. Yes!

Berlin MC

Well, “All that Jazz” has always been one of my all time favourite movies. The Bob Fosse story with Roy Schneider and Jessica Lange is a fantastic story with even better pictures. In particular the opening scene where Roy Schneider is taking eye drops in a close up shot is telling me more than all of Donald Trump’s Twitters. But let me stay focused.
Jazz is music that I really love – for many reasons. One of them being that there are no repeats. It’s more about variation of a theme. Obviously, that needs more of an artist than a worker. Sorry, I need to stay focussed. 
When Jaz opened the door of her cab in front to our hotel I did know in a glimpse of a second that this date would be outstanding. Her pictures on the website are fresh, creative and telling. However, her smile does raise the bar to a different level. She is authentic, interesting, interested, giving and by no means naïve – which is my concern with girls of that age. Jaz has travelled quite a bit and lived in different locations. That has made her open minded and curious. Last but not least, she is very sexy. At least in my humble opinion. Her English is crystal clear, her German is still improving but he body language is close to perfection.

As I said earlier – I love variations of a theme if and when the artist is able to perform. Well, she is the perfect fit – it’s all that Jaz

London AW

Summary: Aje is stunning. Slim, petite, pretty, toned and with the softest most beautiful skin. The trick, apparently, is coconut oil. It definitely works if Aje is anything to go by. Aje was very friendly and easy to talk to. She was a charming dinner companion. Aje absolutely delivered on what she promised.

Aje rescued me after I was let down at the last minute by another escort. Communication beforehand was excellent and she turned up at the restaurant looking absolutely gorgeous. Her ------ heritage has blessed her with excellent bone structure and the most gorgeous dark skin. Aje is an extremely bright and capable girl - her intelligence shines through everything she does. She is well read, well travelled and a citizen of the world. I loved having the opportunity to get to know her better over supper before we headed back to the hotel. When we did get back to the hotel, Aje played the perfect willing and compliant sub, allowing me to use her exactly as I wished. She wholeheartedly engaged in the experience and (I hope) enjoyed herself as much as I did.
Aje is everything she promises to be, and was a joy to spend time with. I'm very much looking forward to the next time.

Berlin KF

One of the challenges using this platform is to find genuine people. I usually just leave reviews for dates where I found those gems. This date was one of these dates, where I forgot that it was a service. Where the person I met is charming, smart, beautiful and a genuinely good person. Someone that enriched my life, gave me memories that I treasure and gives me a reason to continue my search for such people. The highest of compliments is barely enough to describe this woman - if you get a chance to meet her, you should definitely do so. It is worth every second.

London C69

Aje requests that reviews verify her profile etc and do not go further. I am happy to respect her choice on that issue. On that basis, I can confirm that she is a slim Black woman in her early twenties, currently resident in Europe. I saw her when she was in London at a hotel room I had booked. She is super cute looking; arty and trendy in style. My sense is that she arranges meetings on quite a bespoke basis; the communication in advance was clear and easy. I hugely enjoyed our liasion and her submissive skills.