Travel companion: 2-3 nights European city breaks, min 7 days in Asia or Africa

A proper date (4-6hrs): Lunch, dinner, your date at professional events.

Overnights (14+): A proper date with cuddles and cappuccinos the next day

Minimum (2-3hrs): Classic call girl. A chat, a drink, maybe a quick bite and private time.

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WishlistFrills, Particular Frills, Miles, Wellness, Gifts All giftcards can be sent to jazzinquiry[at]

Treats –Blueberries, dark chocolate
Cuisine – Japanese, Mediterranean, Ethiopian, Kerela, Punjab, Asian and/or Euro fusion
Drinks –
dry whites, Italian reds, sparkling water  

Travels F/W 2019 - Inquire for dates or personal requests

Based in Berlin + Hamburg
January: Stockholm, Zurich Feb: Bavaria