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+ Where is home?
At least twice a year I'm in N.America or Africa. I love moving around Northern Europe and will be spending a lot more time in Eastern Europe. I speak a few languages fluently, and working on my 4th. All of my travels are more so out of curiosity and education than cosmopolitanism.

+ Could you do something for my imagination?
If you enjoy the bohemian edge of Zoe Kravitz and the exotic sex appeal of Adaora Akubilo, I'm your girl. You can read some other impressions here.

+ Musings?
I have a blog on surrealism and traveling. I can send a link and password upon request.

+ Why is your website offline or locked?
Sometimes being 'online' is too loud. I have a budding career and few other academic interests that I need to tend to.

+ How do you feel about reviews?
Naturally you will learn more about me through realtime interaction versus someone else's recollection.

+ Are you really 23? Sehr jung!
A carnal flower in bloom; péché mignon 💋