My ‘patronage’ is similar to ‘arts patronage’. Someone finds interest in my companionship or well being, the curiosity becomes unbearable and voilà reaches this page. 

I do not have any interest in seeing men who are in the habit of constantly seeing a variety of different escorts or “hobbyists”, in my experience it is rare we will have the right sort of chemistry. 

Conditions *UPDATED 08/12/2017


Deutschland & Schweiz

Wine €550 | 650CHF  
Better context starting at €850 | 900CHF  
Overnights & Weekends - starting at €2000 | 2400CHF 



Wine (up to 2hr)£600 (up to 3hr)£750
A proper date - starting at £900  


NY, Boston & San Francisco

Cocktails (up to 2hr)$800
Lunch / Dinner / Outings - starting at $1200


Fly Me To You (EU)–
Travel fees €200+
Presents – Wishlist , Giftcard , Miles
Lingerie – Bra (70B/34A) Knickers/Suspenders (Small)

Treats – Macarons, blueberries, blackberries
Cuisine – Asian fusion, Japanese, Modern, Mediterranean  
Drinks –
Green tea, dry Rieslings, light reds, sparkling water